Monday, February 20, 2006

20 Feb Showing off the new calf

The forecast was for 38 deg C (100F) but it didn't seem that way as I made my way out about 200 metres to a group of 5 or so feeding dolphins at about 7 .00 am. The wind was cool and the choppy waves were hitting me in the face.
The Ds were ranging over a fair distance but were checking me out on the way past. It was quiet enough to hear their vigorous exhalations as they prepared to dive in search of breakfast. After about 30 minutes with them I noticed the Mum and tiny calf ( see 14 Feb post ) lurking about 30 metres from me. I didn't try to approach them but concentrated on the others.
Eventually, the feeders moved off and the mum and calf were all that was left. I drifted toward them and the mother would check me out above the surface, move toward me and then twist in the dive to move away to a safe distance. I was happy just watching the antics of the calf but, eventually, mum decided that it was ok to approach. She spent the next 10 minutes showing off her calf to me. I wouldn't be surprised if this is her first calf as she seemed very proud of it. The little guy or girl was very adept in the water now. It had apparently learnt to dive in the 6 days since I had first seen it and was motoring along tucked into mum's side as they repeatedly swam under me. The visibility was excellent and I was able to see that it was about 70 cms long. I had plenty of opportunity to identify mum this time. I recognized her fin from previous swims in bay2 during Nov/ Dec.
Eventually, they too drifted away and the encounter was over.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great experience Jacfin. When I used to surf, sometimes dolphins would join in. Its a fantastic feeling having a dolphin or 2 surfing the same wave as you. This was at Duranbah on the NSW QLD border. Are you still visiting this pod?


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