Monday, January 16, 2006

13 Jan - Friday

Black Friday dawned looking very black indeed. Leaden skies, the result of a disintegrating cyclone, filled sky.
The wind was dropping so I decided to chance a trip to the ocean. I called at Bay1 and there was a solitary fin doing some foraging. I moved out into the bay and watched the fin disappear and re appear as the hunt was on. Occasionally, the fin would approach and the dolphin ( Scratch ) would show me a dead fish in its mouth. It must have kept returning to this dead fish and grabbing it as it would not have been able to catch and swallow the live fish that it was catching. He was doing nose ( more correctly rostrum ) stands in front of me, all the time playing with the small dead fish. He looked at peace with the world. After about 15 minutes he left and I went over to Bay1 to see if there was any action.
Several dolphins were feeding in small groups between 100 and 200 metres from shore. I swam out to the furthest group and they came over to check me out. They didn't stay long so I moved towards shore. The next group did the same and so did the third. There were 3 of them and they hung around for a while. The water was clear but very dull with the heavy cloud cover so I watched their ghostly shapes gliding beneath me. There was a mother with a fairly young calf. I didn't recognize her fin but she had a small piece of skin trailing from her tail fluke so I'll know her next time.
Soon it was over so I left the beach.


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