Monday, December 19, 2005

17 Dec - Has summer arrived?

The area in which I live has experienced the coolest December since records were first kept. Is this what they mean by global warming?
However, there was a bit of warmth in the sun on Saturday and it was uncomfortably warm in my wetsuit before I entered the water. The sea surface was calm, no wind at all and 4 or 5 dolphins about 300 metres from shore in Bay1. I kicked out to them and they were quite relaxed, giving me about 10 minutes of their time. They'd give me a swim by and then disappear. Just when I thought that they'd deserted me I'd hear a noisy exhalation of breath behind me and there they would be waiting for me to rejoin them. They moved slowly out to sea but too fast for me to keep up so I swam slowly back to shore.
Chunkie was in the group and her calf was with her. I surmise that she has conceived and we'll see a new Chunkie junior next December.


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