Monday, October 24, 2005

20th October - first swim.

Last Thursday was a pleasant 27 deg in these parts so i decided to enter the slightly chilly water for my first swim of the season. It's wet suit and radiator vest weather.
I pulled up at the beach at about 10.00 and was pleased to see a small group of dolphins about 500m off shore. I kicked my body board for about 11 minutes which took me about 440 metres off shore. I was glancing up as i moved out and didn't see a fin in sight. I consoled myself with the thought that my ankles and insteps were getting used to the flippers ( fins ) without having to keep pace with Ds when i saw a fin, motionless, about 40 metres away directly in front of me. The familiar adrenalin surge went thru me. The D was facing directly toward which usually means that it is going to check me out at closer quarters.
Slightly ahead of me and to my left I spotted another two fins. This was a D whom I call Miss Clean as she has only the slightest mark on her dorsal fin. She is fairly young ( about 12 yo, I'd say ) and has not had a calf. Well, when I saw her in April she hadn't had a calf. She does now. a lovely light coloured little D, full of beans as they are when they are small.
Miss C kept about 15 metres from me at all times. some mothers bring their calf over to me without fear but she chose not to. Being a first time mum I was pleased to see her being cautious. The other D, who I rcognized as one who has a small hook shaped cut in her fin also kept her distance which is unusual for her.
They stayed in my vicinity for about 10 minutes and then started to drift out to sea.
I returned to the beach after about 30 minutes in total feeling quite pleased with my first swim.


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